How to Use Facebook for Medical Marketing

How to Use Facebook for Medical Marketing

Facebook for Medical MarketingIf you aren’t already using Facebook for medical marketing, your medical office is missing out on an exciting and worthwhile opportunity to engage your current and future community. Not only is this social media powerhouse huge and open-ended, but it’s also positively beneficial in your practice’s outreach efforts. Here are three ways to give your social media presence a boost — and if you’re already using Facebook for medical marketing, use these tips as a way to supplement your content.

Keep it consistent 

One of the worst things to see is a business page that began to use Facebook for medical marketing, but abandoned its efforts somewhere back in 2012. Maintaining a consistent presence online and posting at least once every other day shows your audience that your page is worth following. At the same time, don’t feel like you need to post constant updates throughout the day (and if you do, you might be better off using Twitter!). Most successful Facebook pages update once or twice (no more than three times) per day; if you post more frequently, you run the risk of spamming your audience’s newsfeeds and giving them a reason to stop following you.

Remember: When it comes to Facebook for medical marketing, the quality of your content — not the quantity — is what matters.

Keep it relevant

It’s one thing to post consistently, but it’s a whole other battle to figure out what to publish! Facebook is a unique medium, and you should develop a social media plan that determines what kind of material your page will publish — and how frequently. Here are some ways you can use Facebook for medical marketing:

  • Posting holiday or weekend hours, open appointment times, or office closures
  • Healthy living ideas from medical professionals
  • Information about health events
  • Photo albums of your medical office participating in the community
  • Cross-posting videos from your YouTube page

Keep it available

Above all, make sure your audience knows how to reach your social media pages. Facebook for medical marketing is easy to incorporate into your hospital’s regular publications; if you release a newsletter or welcome email to new patients, for instance, place links to your Facebook page and other social media channels within the body of the email. If you publish any print material, like business cards, print small social media icons to show your community that you’re available online. Make it yours, make it fun, and make it matter, and your page will find a following over time.

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