Top 5 Internet Strategies for Bariatric Marketing

Top 5 Internet Strategies for Bariatric Marketing

Top 5 Internet Strategies for Bariatric MarketingWhen it comes to Internet strategies for bariatric marketing, it pays to thoughtfully present your medical practice online. Here are 5 key strategies you can begin planning today to reach new visitors, maintain your current clientele, and showcase the services your practice offers.

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC): Every time you Google something, paid and relevant search results pop up to answer your query. This is intentional, and it’s one of the most popular Internet strategies for bariatric marketing. AdWords, presented by Google, is one of the most user-friendly tools to use to begin building PPC campaigns. The way it works is this: using popular keywords, you generate ads designed to meet the needs of people who are searching for bariatric services. People want relevant information, and search engines want to provide good results, so fully using PPC to your advantage is a great place to start.

2. Search-Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO differs from PPC in the sense that traffic comes from the regular, non-paid results Google posts when people search for things related to bariatric procedures. Essentially, all search engines employ some form of an algorithm to return fresh, appropriate, and well-written search results, and it is an important part of Internet strategies for bariatric marketing. You can begin with the AdWords campaign mentioned above; use relevant keywords in your website copy, and seek to make your medical office’s website as user-friendly as possible.

3. Display Marketing: Banner ads, rich media, graphics and relevant text — these are all parts of display marketing, and they’re a great tool to use in your Internet strategies for bariatric marketing. Display marketing can be targeted to pop up alongside relevant material, like when potential patients are browsing the web for bariatric topics. Recent numbers suggest people don’t generally click on banner ads compared to other marketing strategies, but these are mighty tools for branding; targeting your ads to display specifically to users within your location can bring in audiences who wouldn’t otherwise have known about your services!

4. Social Media: Medical offices use social media to reach out to their community and present their brand, offerings, and appeal. Among the other Internet strategies for bariatric marketing, this is one of the most straightforward methods to use; create a Facebook page for your practice, and post things like relevant contact information, services offered, photo albums of your medical staff — these are all great ways to showcase your brand and use social media to your advantage.

5. Videos: Internet strategies for bariatric marketing don’t have to be solely text-based! Video can be used for bariatric offices by providing concise, relevant content specific to the information your patients need. Post videos in response to frequently asked questions, or ask a staff member to briefly explain a procedure. Patient interviews, staff interviews, and different opportunities to show individuals what your office offers — without taking too much time — is an excellent way to make videos work for your goals.

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