The Future of Medicine: What Will They Think of Next?

The Future of Medicine: What Will They Think of Next?

future of medicineAs digital marketers, HealthCare Marketing Group is very attuned to the trends in technology. As a physician, you’re very attuned to the trends in your specialty and in medicine as a whole. In the 21st century, of course, technology and medicine intersect in ways that the doctors of just a couple of decades ago could not have imagined.

Take a look at some of the ways that technology might be changing the face of healthcare, the future of medicine and, just as importantly, the way that you can communicate with and treat your patients.

Patients as Partners

Whereas in the “old days,” doctors handled medicine and patients were likely to simply accept their prescription and go home, today’s patients are savvy, ask questions and often prefer to have a large responsibility for their own healthcare. You have probably had patients come into your office, having decided that they have a certain health problem because “I Googled my symptoms and this is what came up.”

Obviously, we don’t want patients taking this type of control of their healthcare, simply because in many cases, Dr. Google is mistaken (and has the tendency to diagnose perfectly healthy people with cancer or extremely rare health conditions that your patients almost definitely do not have). However being aware that patients are going to be looking up their symptoms no matter what, it’s important for doctors to provide Internet-based information that can help them determine when it’s time to seek assistance from a healthcare practitioner whose degree did not come from Google University!

Doctors Available at the Touch of a Button

It’s already started in some practices: Patients can schedule an appointment with a doctor that will take place in the privacy of their own homes. Offering services through a webcam is a different sort of “house call” than those that were common a century ago, but no less valuable. While it’s not an option for many specialties, sometimes a face-to-face conversation can take place via the use of technology. Is this something you will incorporate in your own practice if you haven’t already? Never say never!

Consumer-Driven Healthcare

Today, healthcare is a commodity. Patients are not just patients, but also consumers of medical services. While it might seem like it’s a matter of semantics, the reality is that today’s patients are willing to share their experiences with others. With medical reviews being able to reach hundreds and thousands of people in a short period of time, doctors have gone out of their way to offer extra services, improve their bedside manners, update their offices and create informative and helpful websites.

You can read about more technological trends as they relate the future of medicine at and the Wall Street Journal blog.

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