Short Attention Spans and Medical Marketing: Solutions That Work

Short Attention Spans and Medical Marketing: Solutions That Work

medical marketingAs technology gets bigger, it seems that our collective attention spans are getting smaller. You have probably noticed the trend toward providing bite-sized pieces of information that are more easily digested by your patients. In today’s world, where we can receive information in milliseconds literally at our fingertips, presenting your patients with large blocks of text or a lengthy discourse is likely to be counterproductive.

Obviously, you do need a way to tell your patients about the ins and outs of their diagnoses, treatments and options. While patients getting individualized information about their specific treatment options are likely to muddle through whatever form that takes, those who are simply browsing various doctors’ websites and social media profiles in an effort to find a new physician or to read up on their current one might not. The ability to present information in a way that your patients will be able to understand easily is as important as your bedside manner.

If you are wondering what this looks like, read on for some suggestions for shorter forms of medical marketing that can attract your potential patients’ attention and keep them engaged.

Medical Marketing With Video: Keep It Short and Simple

Remember when “video killed the radio star”? During the late 1970s, videos opened up a whole new way of enjoying music. Today, people still appreciate the option of watching someone talk or demonstrate a concept as opposed to reading an article. While YouTube is nothing ultra-new, you’ll notice that the most popular videos are not as long as they once were.

If you are going to create a video for your website or social media account, remember that brevity is key. If you are talking about a topic that takes longer than about a minute to explain, it might be better to split it up into several sessions.

There is also Vine, which limits you to six-second segments. What can you say in six seconds? You might be surprised!

Medical Marketing With Infographics: Keep It Interesting

An infographic is graphics and text in one easy-to-read image. Infographics are easily sharable and appealing to millennials and baby boomers alike, because they’re generally visually interesting and full of tidbits of information.

Do keep in mind that a bad infographic is worse than no infographic. The Marketo blog includes a list of features common to most good infographics. If you’re not talented in creating something like this, hire a graphic designer to do it for you rather than frustrating your readers with bad color choices, hard-to-read fonts or a boring configuration.

Medical Marketing With Quotes: Keep It Humorous or Profound

Do you have a tagline or motto? If someone were to make a soundbite of something that you’re known for saying, what would it be? Maybe you’ve been quoted in a magazine, prominent website or newspaper.

Any or all of these could be excellent fodder for your social media posts. A simple quote of not more than two or three short sentences could stand alone as a post. It’s best if it’s something that is likely to be shared due to its humor, profound insight or some other attribute. It’s even better if it’s short enough to fit in a Tweet (under 140 characters, including spaces and punctuation).

If you are looking for more ideas on how to get across your point in short, to-the-point tidbits of information, please contact the medical marketing specialists at HealthCare Marketing Group. Call us today at 800-258-0702 for a free consultation.

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