Practice Builders: LinkedIn and P2P Marketing

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Practice Builders: LinkedIn and P2P Marketing

The best practice builders begin and end with the experience your users have when they encounter your brand. This means that your marketing approaches should be focused, relevant, and — stay with us, here — personal. You may have heard of the term person-to-person marketing (frequently abbreviated as P2P). This type of interaction is more than just a trend; it is increasingly becoming the preferred way for users to truly identify with a healthcare practice.

And when users identify with your business, you gain brand loyalty — something that can encourage your audience to share their positive experiences in your office with their friends, family, and coworkers. In many ways, P2P marketing is quickly replacing word of mouth, particularly due to the proliferation of social media accounts. And, to focus things further, LinkedIn is an important place to begin making your P2P connections for the sake of practice builders.

Read on for more information about how LinkedIn and P2P marketing can work together to create completely vital practice builders for your business today!

The nature of P2P marketing

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to build a reputation because it is both organic and genuine. When users read advertising copy about your practice, their impression is completely different compared to their thoughts after reading a glowing testimonial from a name they recognize.

For this reason, P2P marketing is an essential practice builder; it creates a personal expectation within the minds of your prospective clients that your brand is both credible and trustworthy. Not only that, but connecting with other peers in your industry — whether you are working in the veterinary sciences or cosmetic surgery — allows you to stay on top of relevant conversations, bring your name and business into the spotlight, and provide your potential visitors greater opportunities to organically stumble upon the great information.

This is where LinkedIn comes into the equation.

Using LinkedIn as a practice builder

LinkedIn is a vital part of your healthcare marketing plan in more ways than one. Aside from providing excellent opportunities to build your personal profile and a business profile for your practice (which can increase your visibility in a great way), LinkedIn plays a huge role in the P2P exchange. The website offers specific groups for certain industries, allowing you to connect and interact with other professionals — which can translate into great endorsements that show up on your LinkedIn profile.

Think of it this way: Let’s say a prospective patient is researching your practice, seeking information to help him or her guide the decision to commit to your office. The patient searches for your name on Google and receives your LinkedIn profile as one of the top results. In this situation, it is going to be incredibly productive to provide a full page of information — biography, education, current location, relevant awards — alongside testimonials from other peers in your network. This includes other medical professionals, but it can also include patients with whom you have connected on LinkedIn.

Suddenly, this hypothetical patient can view a full scope of positive feedback from individuals who also boast credible LinkedIn accounts; their endorsements are solid, and your patient leaves with the assurance that you are going to provide the best quality service available. This is how P2P on LinkedIn can function as an invaluable practice builder, and this is why you need to start filling out your profile today.

How to get started

Begin by connecting with relevant groups; simply searching for keywords relevant to your industry and filtering your results by “Group” can showcase a wide range of connection opportunities. As an example, click here for the results related to professional veterinarian groups.

Interested in learning more? Speak with the professionals at HealthCare Marketing Group today!

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