Patient Attraction Strategies You NEED to Be Aware of in Today’s Digital Driven Age

Patient Attraction Strategies You NEED to Be Aware of in Today’s Digital Driven Age

patient attraction strategiesRegardless of the type of medicine that you practice, patient attraction strategies always need to be the very cornerstone of your marketing campaigns moving forward. This is especially true when you’re talking about digital marketing, where sites like WebMD® see an estimated average of 191 million unique users over the course of a SINGLE MONTH. Make no mistake about it: people are turning to the Internet to find the healthcare information they need. Your patient attraction strategies will help guarantee this information comes from the best possible source: YOU!

Building a Stronger Relationship Through Patient Attraction Strategies

An important perspective to take as you develop your healthcare marketing strategy stems from the idea that You’re NOT trying to sell a product or service – instead, you’re trying to build a relationship between you and your patients. Ramping up your online exposure and offering a better user experience via targeted marketing campaigns is a great way to do this, but it does require you keep a few key things in mind.

Perhaps the best way to help strengthen your patient attraction strategies comes by way of strengthening your own social media presence. According to Convince and Convert, over 56% of Americans have a profile on one or more social networking sites – this is up from just 48% in 2010. If you’re planning on going “all-in” on your social media presence, however, you need to make sure that you’re getting your content out to the world in the right way. You can’t JUST focus on text-based content or blog posts. Video will also be something that is worth exploring, particularly in the healthcare marketing arena. The YouTube® health and fitness-centric channel “Tone It Up,” for example, has over 20 million video views and counting.

Patient Attraction Strategies and the Superior User Experience

As previously mentioned, focusing on the user experience is also one of the keys to remember when working on your patient attraction strategies. According to Pew Research Center, a full 62% of smartphone users said that they used their phone to look up information about a health condition over the last year. The key takeaway from this is that all of your efforts NEED to offer a great user experience on a mobile platform. Failure to do so risks attracting the wrong type of attention – the kind that quickly sends your patients into the arms of a competitor.

Unconventional Thinking Leads to Great Patient Attraction Strategies

One of the most important steps to take when sizing advantage of the digital uprising in your patient attraction strategies involves not just creating AN experience, but THE most immersive experience possible. This often requires you to think outside the box in a number of ways. For example, did you know that adding “Live Chat” functionality to your website is a great way to increase customer service satisfaction levels almost immediately? It’s true – according to a study conducted by eConsultancy, “Live Chat” saw the highest satisfaction levels out of ANY customer service channel at a whopping 73%. Email, on the other hand, had only a 61% satisfaction level while telephone customer service came in at just 44%.

Think about it this way: a study conducted by LinkedIn® revealed that 77% of people who go online seeking healthcare information began their journey at a search engine like Google®, Yahoo® or Bing®. Once you’ve successfully attracted someone’s attention and have gotten them to realize that your website has a “Live Chat” feature, the next time they’re looking for health-related information they may not turn to Google®, Yahoo® or Bing® at all. They may go directly to the source: your “Live Chat” box on your website.

Unparalleled Patient Attraction Strategies, Unparalleled Results

Some of the other ways that you can focus on creating a strong, positive relationship between yourself and your patients involves embracing online reviews. Encourage your existing patients to leave reviews or testimonials on not just your own website, but on sites like Yelp®. A little positivity will definitely go a long way.

You can also send out informative email blasts that aren’t actually trying to sell anything or get a patient to book an appointment at all, but are instead just educational tools to keep your patients or leads up-to-date on current events in the healthcare space. Every time a particular topic becomes a news item, write up a quick piece with your own insight and send it out into the world. You’d be surprised at exactly what you’ll receive in return.

HealthCare Marketing Group: The Partner You’ve Been Waiting For

At HealthCare Marketing Group, we want to help you just like you help so many patients lead happier and healthier lives on a daily basis. If you’d like to find out more information about elevating your marketing to the next level, or if you’d like to find out more about these or other patient attraction strategies, don’t delay – contact us today at 800-258-0702 or visit our brand new website at

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