Three Ways Medical Video Marketing is Changing Social Media Reach Online

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Three Ways Medical Video Marketing is Changing Social Media Reach Online

Discovering innovative ways to reach an existing audience and bring in new clients to a business can be a challenge. After saturating traditional media strategies like direct mail, radio, and television, healthcare professionals are on the search for new, cost effective media that actually converts such as medical video marketing. Many business professionals note that internet is the new TV due to the growth of video sharing outlets like YouTube®, Facebook®, and Instagram® video.

Medical Video Marketing – The New Frontier

  • 81% of companies are producing video content for their website.
  • 65% of video views on Facebook® are from mobile devices.
  • 48% of B2B buyers use their smartphone to watch video.
  • 72% of respondents use YouTube® for their marketing.
  • 75% of most frequent video is streamed through YouTube®.
  • Over 70% of respondents claim that video performs better than other content for producing conversions.

Indeed, medical video marketing is more engaging and available for use to promote through social media platforms than any time in the past. When promoting video through internet outlets, you need to think less like a marketer and more as a broadcaster. Thinking like a broadcaster means creating videos that are not only informative but entertaining at the same time.

The Rise of Medical Video Marketing in Social Media

Medical Video, as a marketing tool, have been around for a very long time. The audience expects to be entertained through knowledge, information, or amusement. The beauty of modern technology is that it is almost free to broadcast videos and the investment needed is almost negligible. Medical marketing using video need is to invent the most innovative information in a visual way and promote it heavily through social media with consistency. An informative article about a medical illness can be easily turned into a video presentation. With an overview of the illness and short talk about how the doctor can treat the ailment, the potential patient gain a feel for the doctor’s manner, caring for their pain, and his expertise. In a few short minutes, a medical professional can give a potential patient an expectation of services and a warm feeling about the practice with a potent, evergreen call to action.

Medical Video Marketing Changing Social Media Landscape

Using medical video marketing to grow businesses means efforts to promote a medical practice are no longer restricted to desktop PC’s. The use mobile marketing with devices such as tablets and smartphones are exploding for professional use. This has opened up a new arena with vast possibilities when it comes to viewing video content such as SnapChat®, Google+®, and Pinterest® as well as these well-known medical marketing avenues:


YouTube® is second largest search engine in the world, behind Google®, and the largest video platform engaging people who watch, share, and discuss video. YouTube®’s audience base is vast in demographic and comprised of many genres. In order to use YouTube® effectively as your media to outreach to clients, your videos must be tailored to your specific audience. Everyone is aware of the phrase “Jack of all trades,” well the second half of this phrase is “and master of none.”

Rather than creating viral videos, doctors should care more about creating engaging and informative content specifically for target clients that represent the best parts of their services and practices. By demonstrating procedures, knowledge, and speaking about their experiences, doctors boost the recognition of their medical practice and their reputation. Through YouTube®, medical professionals are able to create a virtual relationship with their patients on a dedicated channel that houses evergreen content and a showcase of expertise.

Video footage of lectures, presentations, and workshops can be uploaded for patients, who in turn share those videos in their own social network. Moreover, positive video testimonials can be showcased on a practice channel. Since YouTube® videos allow people to speak directly to an audience, a YouTube® channel can be used to encourage viewers take a specific action after watching the video like making an appointment.


Facebook® is considered one of the most effective media for medical video marketing. With the rise of Facebook® video ads, the introduction of new video features is taking social media by storm. View count enables the publisher of video (you) to keep a check on the number of people watching the video and judge its popularity. As well, auto play for videos is the ability of approved videos to start playing automatically in user’s newsfeed. Cashing on this feature, publishers can give an eye-catching start to their video thereby encouraging viewers to stop and watch it. Adding medical video marketing to the timeline of a medical practice can help reinforce the practice to an online community.

Moreover, through video broadcasts, CTA’s (call to actions) can be included to drive traffic to the desired landing page or encourage people to take an action. It is not necessary to post a fresh video specifically created for Facebook® as links for videos on YouTube can be posted on the Facebook® page.

Facebook® is the ultimate choice for reaching clients online as viewers tend to share videos with their personal social circle along with medical stories and experiences.


Instagram®, which was introduced in June 2012, has the ability to shoot and produce 15 second videos. The true Insta-style allows video publishers to apply unique filters to their videos, edit the length, and adjust volume settings. Like Facebook, Instagram is used by a wide range of companies and people to distribute pictures with less than 39% of Instagram® users creating medical videos. There is a large void in Instagram® for quality video in real-time.

Like YouTube®, you can’t create content for everybody, but video instead need to tailor content for specific audience. Tools like hashtags and geo-location can be used to target specific patients. Through hashtags on Instagram, medical professionals can show off their core competencies, people who work for the practice, and short clips of procedures done with excellence.

Video Growing Social Media Reach

Medical professionals have astonishing opportunities to reach their audience with branded information in their homes, work, or play using video. The best, most cost effective social media for doctors includes the use medical videos to promote and increase brand awareness for their medical practice. HealthCare Marketing Group is ready to help your medical practice plan and execute a successful medical video marketing strategy for 2016.

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