Welcome to the New Age of Medical Digital Marketing

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Welcome to the New Age of Medical Digital Marketing

Here is a shortlist of some medical digital marketing tips to help your medical practice dominate the new age in 2016 and the many years to come. Sadly, numerous healthcare organizations don’t necessarily know their brand’s reputation on the web either in a positive or a negative manner. Web reputation is extremely important to medical practices because online medical reputation certainly influences patients’ perceptions as well as their ability to select a particular doctor in the present and the future. Furthermore, being able to interact with patients on multiple levels, and different online platforms allows for priceless feedback to enhance future patient experiences. With this beings said, what is your current online reputation? Don’t know the answer? Don’t worry because this blog will give you some insights on how to keep your medical practice relevant, how to gain new patients, how to keep existing patients happy, and how to successfully protect and maintain your web reputation.

New Age Medical Digital Marketing Tips That Can Help You Succeed in 2016

Medical Digital Marketing Tip #1: Educate Yourself About New Adaptive Medical Technologies

The most important medical digital marketing tip that we can give you is to educate yourself about adaptive solutions that are fueled by technological advancements in our society. Today, 25% of consumers use three or more devices to access a multitude of different online reviews such as RateMDs®, Zocdoc®, Vitals®, HealthGrades®, Google Reviews®, Yelp® to name a few. Moreover, an estimate of 80% of local searches are conducted from mobile phones. In addition, 9% of Americans have a mobile device 24 hours a day. This clearly means that the majority of patients are accessing medical information such as online medical reviews through the usage of their smartphones in order to search for doctors based on their physical locations. Thus, medical digital marketing campaigns should be tailored towards smartphones, and it should be highly noted that mobile medical marketing is increasing at an exponential rate.

Medical Digital Marketing Tip # 2: Personalized Marketing Content Rules the Medical Field!

The focus of medical digital marketing is shifting! This is because the primary goal should always be to create unique and personalized content for your patients. Believe it or not, healthcare organizations and patients now have the ability to access customized content instantaneously through multiple social media channels including Twitter®, Facebook®, Pinterest®, Instagram®, Google Plus®, Snapchat®, LinkedIn®, YouTube®, Vimeo® and even Periscope®. Just remember that your services are being searched for-at any time, in any place!

2016 will be a HUGE year for content management as new medical organizations are rapidly starting to modify their brand identity to fit user experience in order to stay relevant with the latest advancements in technologies. It is undeniably clear that the pressure is on to deliver smooth, engaging, responsive, and meaningful personalized content in order to continue to strengthen your personal brand identify.

Medical Digital Marketing Tip #3: Make a Standalone Impression by Having a Great Patient Experience

Living in a media-centric society is inducing patients to be bombarded with a vast amount of medical information at their fingertips. The question is: How can patients effectively cut through all the clutter in order to make their personal medical experience enjoyable?

Let’s Start By Asking These Simple Questions:

How does your medical website look like?

  • Visitors will judge the caliber of a medical practice by the aesthetic design of their website.
  • If the website does not look safe, most visitors will not click on your link.

Is it easy to navigate around your current medical website?

  • New and existing patients should be able to effortlessly locate medical information and seamlessly navigate on the site.
  • Poor navigation has the power to make the visitors feel frustrated and unintelligent. As a result, visitors typically end up living the website.

Does your medical website have a high bounce rate?

  • A bounce rate is a measure of people who bounced off a single page. This means that the visitor did not navigate to other pages within your website.
  • Your website visitors’ analytics can be used to tailor and discover new medical digital marketing campaigns in an effective manner so that you can continue to grow your medical practice.

Medical Marketing Tip #4: The Internet is Influencing Medical Decisions

The fact is that patients are now heavily influenced by social media and review sites because we are currently living in a participatory media-centric society. This is mainly because those particular online platforms have the total power to empower patients to become educated. It is important to point out that the positive and negative reviews that patients read online can certainly affect their decisions and perceptions to whether or not visit a particular doctor over another.

Patients in general are now using social media and review sites to learn from other patients about physicians in the nation. There is no doubt that social media has been an integral part of branding for medical practices in order to strengthen their personal identities. Let us help you find the right platform that works for your medical organization so that you can start delivering meaningful and personalized content for your new and existing patients.

Medical Digital Marketing Has Become The Norm!

Technology is changing the landscape of the medical digital and traditional marketing arena in general. The new market now demands to create customized content so that it can be shared on multiple online platforms. Don’t get behind! We are a boutique enough to know and sophisticated enough to manage a complex marketing strategy. Unlike ad agencies, we combine unconventional thinking and innovative technology to create an entirely custom and unique solution for your practice. We know you are different- Let’s show it!

If you’re a healthcare professional looking for innovative ways to plan and implement the perfect individualized marketing strategy that will have your practice on the road to success, please contact HealthCare Marketing Group today at 800-258-0702 for more information or visit our website healthcaremarketinggroup.com.

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