Medical Advertising and Increasing Business

Healthcare Medical Advertising

Medical Advertising and Increasing Business

Medical advertising presents a unique, multifaceted challenge. First, it needs to increase revenue while attracting new and different patients. Second, it needs to address the varied nature and services of your medical practice, while also representing your brand as a whole. And thirdly — maybe most important of all — it needs to present all of this information in an easy, accessible manner that reaches your target audience.

That sounds like a big set of responsibilities to fill, but when it’s done right, medical advertising can increase business while also spreading brand awareness. This is a good thing, and can be achieved in a few different ways, depending on your practice, the needs of your patients, and the actions of your competition. Let’s look at a few different ways medical advertising can work for you.

Getting your name out there

One of the biggest questions medical practices present is this: How do I get new patients? Whatever types of services your office offers, retaining new patients requires just the right mix of brand awareness and overall appeal. Right now, how are people able to find your practice? Do you have a clear sign outside your office that can be seen from major streets, intersections, and any nearby freeways? Is your website easy to navigate, and does it clearly present your office’s contact information on both desktop and mobile browsers? If you mention your practice’s name to someone, do they recognize your work? If your answer to any of these questions is a resounding “No,” medical advertising methods will work for you by increasing community awareness of your brand.

There are a few different ways to increase brand awareness, but most medical advertising strategies rely on some combination of Internet advertising, magazine and newspaper ad placement, direct mail, and broadcast/radio/TV spots. Less traditional methods, like participating in community events and offering free public health classes, are also great ways to encourage your prospective patients to associate positive things with your practice’s name. Most traditional advertising methods are best procured with the help of a healthcare marketing firm, which can work to analyze the steps your competitors are taking and apply them to your needs and goals. Even if you don’t see a sudden increase in patients after you put up your first billboard, for instance, you’re still working to spread awareness of your brand’s name — and, in many cases, that is just as effective.

Separating yourself from the competition

If your practice is located in or near a decently sized city, odds are high that your patients have many choices when it comes to working with a healthcare professional. The way to have patients stick with your practice, then is to use medical advertising techniques to showcase what sets your practice apart from the rest. Is it your incredible and comforting interior design? If so, include office photos taken from beautiful spots in your medical office. Is it your unique amenities that are hard to find among other offices, like a café, public WiFi, pet-friendly spaces, or a walking garden? If so, include these features in your ads (and photos are still a good thing to include, here, too).

Since many successful medical offices are incorporating design trends from residential interiors, many patients are encountering practices that feel just as comfortable and beautiful as home. Carry your office’s color scheme into your print material; create a consistent image that echoes your brand no matter where it ends up, whether your prospective patients are looking at a local magazine ad or direct mail flyer. Medical advertising should always feature the elements that make your services and building unique — that way, the image you present to your community is consistent, regardless of its context.

Working with professionals

If you’re interested in kicking your medical advertising into high gear, contact the professionals at HealthCare Marketing Group to schedule a free consultation!

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