The Seven Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Medical Marketing Plan

Effective Medical Marketing Plan

The Seven Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Medical Marketing Plan

The development of a successful marketing plan is a demanding task in all areas of medical marketing from private medical practices to large hospitals. Spending time and money to find the right potential clients and understanding everything about their behavior is the key to getting the best results for a practice. Knowing habitual behaviors like spending habits, communication avenues, and daily activities can help many practices blossom with potential clients.  

Gaining Market Share for Medical Practices with a Successful Marketing Plan

Here are some of the most effective ways to reach potential patients online, and get ahead of other medical practices in your area by simply implementing an effective marketing plan:

Know Your Patients. In order to connect with potential patients, you have to know exactly what they need and what they expect from you as a doctor. The best way to understand potential new patients is through your current patient list. Use surveys and feedback polls to create opportunities to approach current patients and find out how you can improve your practice, staff service, or medical offerings. Data is one of the most important tools for the marketing plan development because it gives you insider details on the thought processes of your current patients. Likewise, take advantage of it every time you attract new patient by getting as much marketing information as you can to transform your brand according to their needs. Ask questions about how they found your practice as a part of your patient information forms.   

Creating a Successful Marketing Plan. An analysis of your competitors and their marketing plan is an excellent way to obtain an outlook of best (and worst!) marketing practices before you spend a single dime. With detailed research about your competitor’s market share and marketing efforts, doctors can increase chances of find negatives spaces in their marketing plan and using those strategies in their favor. If competitors are doing business in the same medical industry, then they are certainly sharing the same client pool.  A competitors marketing strategy, whether in the same or different field of practice, can provide good insight for attracting potential patients.

Target Marketing Campaigns with a Successful Marketing Plan. Mass-advertisement strategies are not an option anymore because, besides being expensive, mass ads depend on someone being in the right place at the right time with the right illness. In today’s world, customized advertising and marketing is essential to success. Facebook® and Google® ads offer a great way to reach your target audience with precise location based audience segmentation by location, age, gender, and interest all based in their social media interactions. Investing in PPC impression ads is not only cheaper than traditional media, but these ads provide a better way of measuring the success of your marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Plan.  Social media platforms are like a prescriptions.  If order for the cure to do any good, it must be used consistently with attention to detail. To really engage your potential patients and keep them, social media posts should be targeted, hash tagged, and relevant to your market demographic. To make your medical practice stand out, it needs a comprehensive social media marketing plan focused on converting potential patients and keeping current patients. It is very important to answer questions and concerns, but it is even better if you can also give patients more information about your medical practice, procedures or services, and even help them make a decision.

Reaction (Calmly) To Actions.   Social media channels are not a one way street. One of the most important things generating engagement with current and potential patients. Reviews are a large part of any consumer acceptance of a product in a marketplace and medical services are no different.  Anytime a medical practice opens its online doors to reviews and thoughts of patients, there is a possibility to receive a negative review.  A good marketing social media plan will acknowledge this threat and treat it as an opportunity to interact with the reviewer.  Many times, providing surveys and polls in the office defuses the possibility of an online review by giving patients the knowledge that you care for their opinion and value their input. In this digital world, where all information is at our fingertips, there’s nothing more powerful than reviews and likes in social media.

Blogging and More Blogging. Writing blog posts aimed for your patients and their concerns will not only help you get ranked by Google®, but it will also help your audience to get to know your practice and trust your medical knowledge. The purpose of a blog is to build trust through dissemination of information.  Writing content that will be useful for your patients and represent your personality as a doctor helps warm up patients who are consider healthcare choices.  

Remember, now days, patients are looking for a closer contact with their medical provider and the medical practice staff, so your blog posts should be conversational and accessible as most patients have not been to medical school. As with social media, consistency, accessibility, and repeatability are all vital keys to sustaining engagement with patients. Your marketing plan no longer can ignore the fact that blogging is in essence a digital extension of your medical practice.

Bringing Patients to Your Medical Practice

Generating leads can be really overwhelming as most doctors are very busy.  Some doctors trust their social media and marketing to the office staff. The important rule of thumb about healthcare marketing of a medical practice is that the same rules apply to marketing as to medicine. Quality marketing for a medical practice is as important as quality healthcare to a patient. HealthCare Marketing Group is ready to help your medical practice plan and execute a successful marketing strategy for 2016.

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