If All of Your Friends Jumped Off a Cliff, or Why Social Proof Matters in Medical Marketing

If All of Your Friends Jumped Off a Cliff, or Why Social Proof Matters in Medical Marketing

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Social proof makes people want to imitate others.

You’ve probably already noticed that in general, people tend to do what others around them are doing. This theory is well ingrained in marketing professionals; social proof is a highly effective way to get others to do what you want them to do.

Here’s an experiment: Next time you’re in a small group, look up at the ceiling. Wait a moment, then glance back down; the people you’ve been conversing with will probably also be looking up. Why? Because we want to do what other people are doing at any given time.

This is why advertisements tout that “choosy moms” choose a certain brand of peanut butter, or why a certain sneaker company makes sure that we all know which celebs wear their brand. The viewer or reader of such ads might think, even subconsciously, “If it’s good enough for choosy moms or an all-star basketball player, then it’s good enough for me!”

Social Proof: Medical Marketing Strategies to Try

Social proof is necessary when it comes to medical marketing, too. Let’s face it: No one wants to see a doctor who has no online followers and no satisfied patients. And with the proliferation of various types of screens used to monitor these things from the privacy of one’s own home, a lack of happy patients isn’t going to be a secret for very long.

Take a look at these simple ways that you can take advantage of social proof in your medical marketing strategy and attract more patients.

Medical Reviews: Essential in Healthcare Marketing

Get into the habit of asking your patients to leave your practice positive reviews on various review sites. These can be on HealthGrades, Yelp, Vitals, Facebook, and so on. Choose a few of these and have links to your practice printed on the bottom of your emails, on all mail correspondence and even on invoices. Remember: If a potential patient sees that others are going to you for their healthcare needs, you become all that more attractive as a provider.

Social Media Engagement as Part of Your Medical Marketing Strategy

In order to get more followers and “likers” on your social media sites, you’re going to need to interact with the ones that you do have. Make sure that your professional page is set to public, and encourage like and shares. Seeing that a Facebook friend likes a particular page is a good incentive for new people to like it as well.

Don’t Be Too Modest in Your Medical Marketing

If you have awards, media coverage or other distinctions, make sure that your community knows about it. Toot your own horn! The more your name gets out there and recognized, the more people will become familiar with your practice, and the more patients you are likely to get. This is particularly true if you achieve the distinction of earning any type of “patients’ choice” award. After all, if your current patients have voted for you, it tells potential patients that you must be a good choice.

Working with social proof when forming your medical marketing strategy is a wise move to make; much of marketing has to do with appealing to your audience on what may very well be a subconscious level. The gurus at HealthCare Marketing Group can implement various strategies to help you appeal to more patients. Call us at 800-258-0702 so we can talk about how we can help you break out of your status quo.

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