Healthcare Content Marketing: 5 Tips for Content that Ranks

healthcare content marketing

Healthcare Content Marketing: 5 Tips for Content that Ranks

The future of healthcare is here and it is digital – meaning that healthcare content marketing is a critical part of any marketing equation for a medical business. In fact, the vast majority of patients and clients expect their healthcare provider to, at the very least, have a strong online presence that affects not only a convenient point of contact and basic information, but that is also an authority resource. To not have a strong online presence is to plan to fail when considered alongside your competition.

Your website is a first port of call for many patients and prospective patients; it’s your first impression the public will have of your medical organization. As such, it needs to look good and offer a professional yet warm and welcoming aesthetic. It also needs to be visible – and unless your website is built to rank, you will linger below your competitors in online searches.

There is an array of ways that you can create high-performing content for medical marketing and media visibility purposes, and these are all taken into account by search engines like Google® and Yelp® when they determine which sites they will rank highly and which will be ignored. The most impressive-looking website in the world will not rank first if attention is not paid to having the right content.

Content is not the only factor in ranking your medical website, however it is a critical first step in the overall search engine optimization process…

Five Tips to Create Content that Ranks

  1. Text Content is Crucial

Many websites out there have great images but no real content – not on the home page, nor on the inner pages. These sites will simply not rank. A ranking website needs to have textual content – five hundred words on the front page is ideal, the inner pages can have a little less. The text should explain the purpose of the site, what you as a business offer, and it should reflect your business identity and mission. 

  1. Your Audience is Key

Who is your target audience? Why have they come to your website? What is their motivation, and what do they seek from you? What can you offer them? Identifying your target audience is critical to creating content that not only ranks, but that encourages visitors to stay on your website rather than moving onto another that may offer a similar thing. People using the Internet have short attention spans in general, and you want to capture attention and hold onto it for all the right reasons.

  1. Use Relevant, Targeted Keywords

Select relevant keywords that people will likely insert to find your website. An expert in SEO can offer guidance about how to determine these keywords and how to use them in your content to their best effect.

  1. Ensure Content is Dynamic

A stale, stagnant, static website may rank in its initial stages, but it will not maintain its rank unless it has dynamic content. The easiest and most effective way to achieve dynamic content is via a weekly or fortnightly blog on your site. This should be of three hundred and fifty to five hundred words minimum, and the content should be informative, interesting, and sharable. It’s also a great way to position yourself firmly as an authority in your field of expertise. Link to relevant pages on your website and use optimized keywords.

  1. Utilize Social Media

When you need a strong online presence, social media marketing is your best friend. Create a professional profile for your business on Facebook®, Twitter®, and Google+®. Link these with your website and vice-versa. Update regularly with interesting, informative, emotional, or even humorous posts that have relevance to your medical business and its field. Share your blog and maximize your visibility – there is no better way to escalate your follower base than via social media. (It’s also a great way to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing!)

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Creating content that ranks is a critical step in the road to success with your digital marketing strategy. HealthCare Marketing Group is your premium service provider for creating and delivering innovative and effective digital marketing methods to bring your medical practice to the forefront of its competition. By creating mindfully considered content for your website, you will deliver your message to the world and stand out for all of the right reasons.

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