Healthcare Advertising Strategies for 2015: Video

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Healthcare Advertising Strategies for 2015: Video

It might feel overwhelming to know that there are, essentially, 11 and a half blank months ahead of us. But when it comes to healthcare advertising, now is prime time to begin planning new ways to really elevate your practice building approach to the next level.

The healthcare marketing industry is primed to closely follow a few of the biggest digital marketing trends for 2015, ranging from original video content to positive vibes. Here, we’ve compiled one of the best strategies to put into place over the coming year. Read on!

Healthcare Advertising Strategy: Original, user-friendly video. 

If your practice hasn’t yet ventured into the world of video advertising, make this your year. People love a good story, which means that your practice should seek to create content that marries your overall mission with material that matters. Easier said than done, right? Don’t worry — you have resources available to determine what will really click with your viewers.


First, determine what type of content seems to hit a chord with your audience already. If you have certain blog articles, healthcare advertising content, or social media posts that have received more activity than usual, take a close look at their common qualities and decide how you can turn those qualities into visuals. For example, if you manage a veterinary office, and if you’ve noticed that the posts receiving lots of activity are about grooming tips, there’s your cue: work with your staff to create a concise, informational video series about the best (and easiest) ways to groom pets at home.


The qualities of highly effective video content:

Note the qualities your video needs to possess; it should be not only relevant and informative, but also concise. The time for lengthy tutorials is in the past; people need to receive some form of instant gratification within the first few seconds of viewing, and something as small as grainy video footage or a lengthy intro can keep viewers from sticking with your material. Keep your healthcare advertising videos brief and to the point, and don’t be afraid to include a shot of your practice’s logo with contact information in the “About” section.


Some basic things to consider:

  • Don’t worry about posting a new video everyday; take the time to create a meaningful, high-quality video that really hits on what your audience wants to see. This might take a few weeks, or it might take a few months — go at a pace that works for your practice, or hire some additional support.
  • Use proper social media etiquette. Whether you choose to use Vimeo, Youtube, or any other video hosting service (Vimeo and Youtube are very likely going to be the most user-friendly and accessible), make sure you’re including a descriptive and engaging title, links back to your practice’s homepage, and relevant tags and categories.
  • Don’t be afraid to promote your video! Cross-post the link to your practice’s social media profiles. If possible, host the video in a prominent location on your website, or make sure you have a link your Youtube or Vimeo account easily displayed on your page.


Positive vibes generate shares.

Viral content is a healthcare advertising goldmine, but it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what leads to tons of shares. However, research indicates that positive, emotional content is “contagious,” which means that upbeat videos will appeal to a greater scheme of people.


Consider the way your brand is presented online — would you describe it as formal, distanced, casual, or upbeat? How can you use video to bring a positive spin to the way your practice is perceived online? And, more importantly, is your brand going to let 2015 pass by, or are you going to take control and make this your best year yet? For more information about healthcare advertising strategies for 2015, speak with the professionals at HealthCare Marketing Group today!

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