Dental Marketing Ideas for 2015

dental marketing ideas

Dental Marketing Ideas for 2015

We’ve discussed healthcare marketing in the past, but dental marketing ideas require a slightly different and more focused approach. Dental offices often capture patients in their most vulnerable state, which is part of the reason why many patients tend to feel apprehensive about heading in for preventative cleanings or repairs.

That’s not to say you have to hold your patients’ hands — rather, the best marketing approaches emphasize the specific image, brand, and tone you want your patients to recall when they hear your practice’s name. So, how do you achieve this goal? What are the best dental marketing ideas to use in 2015? How can you really convey what you want people to feel about your dental office? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

Be consistent in every element of your practice. 

Successful dental marketing ideas begin with a cohesive approach to presenting your brand to current and prospective audiences. This means that you shouldn’t have mismatched logos and fonts contradicting the image people remember when they hear your office’s name; your colors, slogan, images, and accompanying fonts should be consistent among all of your print and digital material.

This idea of consistency isn’t just limited to pamphlets and Facebook pages, though; you should also assess the areas that are easily overlooked, like the messages patients hear when their calls go to voicemail. Let’s say you’re pushing for a friendly, accessible, and family-friendly image to carry your brand, and have settled on a slogan that is universally loved by your staff; have you checked to make sure that slogan is echoed on your office’s voicemail message? Not only that, but are you sure the message represents your intended amiable tone? If any part of your practice contradicts the image and mood you want to portray, it’s time to change — and email signatures and voicemails are some of the first places to double-check.

Stay at the top of your patients’ minds. 

Successful dental marketing ideas give patients a reason to follow your brand. You could distribute informative newsletters each month that detail upcoming deals or events; you could make the most of your social media accounts by routinely posting dental facts, tips, and reminders to patients. Consistently run ads in local newspapers or magazines, and send press releases to local media when your practice introduces new procedures or services that appeal to the needs of your audience.

All of these dental marketing ideas fall back on this principle: In order to build a following of people that believe in your practice’s credibility, you need to distribute original and quality information on a routine basis. This doesn’t mean you need to publish a book of health tips every week; rather, you should seek to create a content schedule that consistently pushes your brand’s name and information alongside material that matters.

Get personal. 

Run a blog series that features patient testimonials and interviews with staff; give patients a chance to get to know the people that make your staff the best in their neighborhood. Post images in a photo album on Facebook that feature your employees participating in a community event, or contributing to the improvement of your city in some positive way.

Even a dental marketing idea as simple as an office tour for new patients can change the way people perceive your practice; by inviting people behind the scenes, and giving them a chance to familiarize themselves with what might seem like a new and frightening place, you are showing your patients that they can feel comfortable at your practice and with your staff — and they can trust your brand.

For more information about dental marketing ideas for 2015, speak with The HealthCare Marketing Group today.

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