Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes in the World of Healthcare Marketing

Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes in the World of Healthcare Marketing

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Healthcare marketing trends in 2015 and beyond.

When it comes to healthcare marketing, nothing stays the same for long. Because technology is constantly changing, medical marketers have to be vigilant of the trends that impact their strategies. Here are a few changes happening right now that will likely affect your overall marketing plan over the coming weeks, months and year.

Healthcare Marketing Will Focus on Mobile Phone Users

We’ve talked about this before, but it’s important enough to repeat: People are more likely to use a smartphone than a desktop (or laptop) computer to access information on the Internet. This is a big deal, because it means your patients are probably looking you up on their mobile devices right now. If your marketing strategy isn’t geared toward mobile users, you’re missing out on a big segment of the pie.

Medical Facts Needs to Be Visual

You already know that attention spans are dwindling more and more each year, or so it seems. One great way to keep people interested is to rely on videos, images, graphics and so on. Show, don’t tell, your community members and potential patients what it is you do, and reap the benefits.

Healthcare Information Needs to Be Interactive

In addition to people wanting to digest material that they can see or listen to, they also want to be more hands-on. With little mobile devices and touch-screen computers gaining more popularity every month, clickable links and other types of interactive content are key.

Factual Information Must Be Easy to Digest

Do you see how your eyes can easily scan over this blog post? Separating the information that your patients will read makes it simpler for them to digest the facts that you want them to know. They can also scan over the subheadings and get a good idea of what you’re trying to say without reading the entire page of content.

Analytics Will Become Even More Detailed

If you’re well-versed in marketing, you know the importance of learning which keywords are likely to bring you more clicks and more interest. Analyzing your content is getting easier thanks to programs that show you exactly what components of your site are getting the most interest. Check out this heat mapping program, for example!

The world is changing, and so is the world of healthcare marketing. If you aren’t sure how to keep up with the latest trends in this fast-moving field, you can rely on us. We stay a step ahead of the current trends to ensure that your marketing strategies are able to go above and beyond.

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