Boost Your Blog Traffic With These Tips

Boost Your Blog Traffic With These Tips

blog trafficYou’re writing blog entries regularly, but are your patients and potential patients taking notice? Who is reading what you’re writing? While one goal of crafting content is to attract the attention of search engines, it’s nice to attract human readers, too. Are you wondering how you can get your blog entries not only read, but also shared with others? Take a look at this list of tips on boosting your blog traffic.

Be the Expert People Depend On

When you place content on your blog, make sure it’s worth reading and sharing. You want people to forward your material and say “this doctor really knows what he/she’s talking about!” How can you do that? Here are a few pointers.

  • Use a clear title. Make it very obvious what your content on any given blog entry is about. Look at the title of this entry. You knew without a doubt that you’d be reading tips on how to increase traffic to your blog. You can use a play on words if you want to, but don’t be too creative; people want to know what they’re going to be reading about.
  • Make your copy long enough to convey what people want to know. Try not to worry too much about length; just make it long enough to tell the full story. Now, you can’t write a whole book in the span of a blog post, so it’s definitely reasonable to break up information over several entries if you want to fully cover a subject.
  • Be a guest blogger. If you know of popular blogs in your particular specialty or in a complementary specialty, contact the blog owner and offer to write a guest post on your particular niche. Of course you will want to link back to your own blog.

Depend on Various Types of Media

You should have a decent idea of what social media sites and other media your target readership is using. If you’re promoting your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you’re doing pretty well. Consider these other types of promotion, too:

  • Video promotion. Try giving a little talk about your topic and uploading it to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Can you get the gist across in six seconds or less? It takes some creativity, but if you can do it, you can put the video on Vine.
  • Create an infographic. Or hire someone to do it for you. Include it in your blog post itself, and also post it on Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Send out an email. Put together an opt-in email list and touch base regularly with your subscribers by including a link to your latest blog post.
  • Send out SMS/texts. If you have an opt-in text list, you can send out texts periodically with links to your blogs. With the majority of Americans using smartphones, this is a great way to appeal to those who are on the go.

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