7 Medical Marketing Strategies That Can Grow Your Practice

7 Medical Marketing Strategies That Can Grow Your Practice

7 Medical Marketing StrategiesMedical marketing strategies rely on a few basic tenets: getting your voice heard, showing your audience base what you offer, and making it matter more than the competition. Not sure where to get started? We can help. Here are 7 ways you can grow your practice and make your medical marketing strategies matter.

Medical Marketing Strategies

1. Turn on the TV. As one of the most common things found in a modern household, television is a strong part of effective medical marketing strategies. Local, high-quality commercials that hit the interests of your target clientele — and your target location — can introduce your practice to new patients, or bring back past visitors. Additionally, if your practice is conducting any in-depth studies or research, get in touch with your local news station and get a spot on TV.

2. Switch to your favorite radio station. Local radio stations are prime targets for the best medical marketing strategies because they’re generally low-cost, involve a lot of listener engagement, and incorporate an easy and singular call-to-action. Since most radio spots only span about 60 seconds in length, you’ll need to keep your message concise — but in many cases, this can actually work well for promoting your practice.

3. Get to the printers. Pocket folders, brochures, and print ads — these are all excellent resources for your medical marketing strategies because they’re easy to access, simple to disseminate, and can garner real results. Brochures should be set in high-traffic areas in your front lobby, and can also be distributed throughout communal areas within your city. Pocket folders should accompany any paperwork patients take home, and should also feature a business card or handheld element for present and future visitors to fall back on.

4. Look outdoors. Is your practice visible from major streets and highways? Do you have a sign that allows new patients to easily locate your location? Outdoor signage is an oft-overlooked piece of medical marketing strategies solely because it’s so simple. The straightforward act of placing a sign outside your office — or making sure that your practice’s name has high visibility from sites of major traffic — can make a huge difference in the amount of clientele you receive.

5. Make the most of public relations. A public relations team is in charge of making your medical marketing strategies truly shine. Successful public relations strategies rely on effective communication and an individualized approach to spreading your brand’s message, which can be accomplished through a mixture of press releases, news spots, advertising, and website redesign. Not ready to work with an outside party? Look at the services some PR groups offer, and see how you can incorporate those concepts into your own medical marketing strategies.

6. Direct your mail. If you’re trying to appeal to a specific target location, consider a direct mail campaign as part of your medical marketing strategies. These campaigns can access your demographic on an individual and personal level, and something as simple as a postcard that indicates upcoming events (flu shot reminders, health screenings, fundraisers) can get your name into people’s hands and serve as a tangible reminder.

7. Market yourself online. Internet marketing is a large part of successful medical marketing strategies; it relies on a combination of social media, a user-friendly website, and smart search engine optimization to get the attention of search engines, casual browsers, and current patients looking for information. Not sure where to start? Create a Facebook page for your practice and look at what other medical offices are posting — this can give you a great idea of what to start putting on your page, and can show you how to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Not sure where to start? The professionals at HealthCare Marketing Group™ are here to help with your medical marketing strategies, and can provide effective practice builders that work for your office. Contact us today at 800-258-0702 to schedule a free consultation!

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