2018 Healthcare Marketing Strategies: Personalize & Engage

2018 healthcare marketing strategies

2018 Healthcare Marketing Strategies: Personalize & Engage

Yes, it’s June. And yes, it’s time to talk about 2018 healthcare marketing strategies. Don’t cram the strategic planning for 2018 into three days before the deadline. Take the time to assess what is working, look to the future, and finally give next year’s marketing plan the attention it deserves.

Personalized Content

Convert more potential patients by providing personalized content. Changing from generic content, to messages tailored to a patient’s specific needs can mean the difference between a conversion or a missed opportunity. Harness user history to cater unique content or use UX design to build a custom user experience. Create a strategy that will help patients connect with the site, and simultaneously connect to the physicians and services represented. With the data and tools readily available, personalized content is the new key to patient engagement, and higher scheduling volume.

Interactive Webpages and Content

When visiting a website, users want to see, learn, and most importantly experience. Plain text just doesn’t create that type of environment. Give users a reason to stay longer and add value to the site. Create actionable items such as quizzes or surveys on the practice site to provide more in-depth content and help drive business. Try visual click-throughs, simple healthy living quizzes, or just make appointment setting easy, intuitive, and engaging. Find a way to retain your prospective patients beyond written content to gain an edge, and convert website traffic.

Video. And More Video

The need for more video content is not going away. Video content is how prospective patients search and learn.  According to Google, 30% of users who watched an online video, subsequently booked an appointment. However, creating engaging videos for healthcare practices can be tricky. HIPAA makes real-time videos and patient stories difficult. Step-out of the box to create content that drive business.  Physician interviews and explanations can go a long way in creating patient good will. Similarly “how-tos” can alleviate fear of common procedures and ailments. Try simple FAQs or intake instructions.  Get creative and take steps to cultivate a robust video library to educate and solidify patients.

2018 Healthcare Marketing: Getting Started

Patients are starting to expect more from their healthcare experiences both on and offline. In 2018, marketing will be about providing a better-quality practice site, that helps educate and engage patients. The above steps can be time-consuming, but well worth the effort. Good thing it’s only June.

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