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A Great Senior Living Experience is Built From the Ground Up






If you are experiencing occupancy problems, then you probably have one or more of the 5Ps going amiss. Examining the 5Ps will allow us to make the appropriate changes in your organization. Even small adjustments can increase your brand equity, lower turnover, and increase leads and conversions.

We Don’t Solve Problems; We Create Comprehensive Solutions.

The Ideal Senior Living Experience Is In The Details.

  • Providing Mystery Shopping and Mystery Calling to Assess Your Organization

  • Instituting Employee Appreciation Programs to Lower Turnover

  • Developing Community Awareness/PR to Enhance Your Public Reputation

  • Creating a Solid Corporate Culture to Attract the Right Talent

We Address All of Your Needs

Branding and Messaging

Email Marketing


Content Marketing

Pay-Per- Click (PPC) Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Website Creation

Call Tracking

Mobile /App Marketing

Social Media Management

Display Advertising

Video Creation

Collateral Development

Reputation Management

Social Media Promotion

The Right Look For The Right Residents

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senior living marketing testimonial

Delivering Results In Senior Living

As an owner/operator of a chain of senior living communities, it became apparent after our first renovation that marketing on my own was no longer going to be effective. I had to find someone who could help me market my business and grow my census.

After interviewing many firms, I chose HealthCare Marketing Group. Catherine and her team where the only ones who took the time to “ask me” what it was I thought I needed. Everyone else “told me” what I needed, and how I needed to get there.

Having over 25 years LTC experience in every arena, and holding positions with the 2 largest providers of senior care, I had plenty of experience for large markets, large facilities, and large budgets. What I needed help with was truly a grass roots and digital campaign that built my brand, my reputation and my census. All on a respectable, but manageable budget. HealthCare Marketing Group provided all of that and so much more.

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From the inception of new marketing materials, to an impressive Internet presence, to social media marketing, to help with employee retention and development, I can’t say enough positive words for the enhancement that was experienced. Our census was consistently at 97% across several campuses, for 12 years straight. Even in the lean times. Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s Care and Independent Living all thrived while partnering with HealthCare Marketing Group. They truly had a pulse on each sector as well as the big picture of the company as a whole. And partnering is the best word to describe our experience. They weren’t simply some company who printed material and tweaked a website here and there. They were part of our organization.

I suppose the best example of the great job Catherine and her staff did, was to sell my communities in the height of the market crash for a hefty profit.

If you are considering a marketing management company, this is the one!!

- Victoria Bailey


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