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Unparalleled Mobile Marketing

Make smartphones your keys to success.

Reach across multiple platforms

  • App-Based Marketing
    HealthCare Marketing Group can help you create mobile ads that appear within third-party apps.
  • QR Codes
    Once scanned by users, the codes take the visitor to a specific webpage attached to them.
  • Location-Based Marketing
    These types of ads appear based on a user's relative location to a specific area or business.
  • Mobile Search & Image Ads
    Basic mobile ads built for Google searches, sometimes featuring click to call or maps.
  • SMS Marketing
    Generally, this captures a user's phone number and sends them future offers via text.
  • Streaming Music Services
    Platforms such as Pandora and Spotify are a daily visit for millions of potential clients.

Personalize for Patient Needs

Make a standalone impression.

You need a mobile marketing strategy for the same reason you need a computer & wi-fi access: It's essential to business function and growth. A strong online presence allows you to keep pace with current technology and user trends, which means your business can adjust as the market needs. Even traditional marketing has shifted pace to embrace the interactivity of mobile devices.

Your services are being searched for - at any time, in any place.

Your opportunity to make an impression has greatly increased, however, without an optimized digital presence your overall marketing efforts will miss the greatest source of online traffic - mobile users.

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