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Dynamic Medical Tourism

Create a global presence for your practice.

Messages that Make an Impact

Messages that make an impact

Your potential medical tourism patients are exposed to more than 5,000 marketing messages per day. You need to know your global medical tourism target audience, its personas, interests, and cultural norms. Much of the global market stems from too-high costs in origin countries, long wait times for public health options, and increasingly favorable exchange rates.

The globalization of healthcare opens up a unique opportunity for both patients and practices alike - our team works to connect doctors and patients in established tourist destinations worldwide. The privilege of good health belongs to all. We have a strong passion for establishing healthcare where it is most needed, and hope to work with providers around the globe to establish a much needed foundation in the future.

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Gain an International Competitive Edge

Generate tourist interest and market your facility around the world.

We provide medical tourism and health tourism marketing services around the globe. From the United States, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Argentina, all the way to the Netherlands, Ukraine, China and India.

Within the medical tourism market, you must be familiar with cross-cultural competency, regional laws, local user preferences like content, keywords, and colors, as well as accurately choosing the correct search engines.

We’ll create the tools you need to succeed:

  • Engaging web sites
  • Powerful brochures
  • Attention-getting press releases
  • Cutting-edge social media / email marketing
  • Coordinate international networking
  • Communication with potential collaborators
  • Branching into international groups & organizations

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