Internal Medical Marketing

Though reaching out via the Internet and other forms of external advertising is an essential fact of life in 21st century health care marketing, tried-and-true internal marketing techniques are still critically important. Particularly those methods which generate word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals which are still, as they always have been, the absolutely best form of medical advertising.

The HealthCare Marketing Group specializes in creating and deploying balanced external and internal marketing and practice-management programs custom-tailored to each of our client’s specific objectives, type of practice, and budget.

Brick-and-mortar products and services we provide include:

• Brochures and logos
• Websites
• Presentation folders
• Stationery systems
• On-hold audio brochures
• Referral programs
• Patient reactivation
• Physician newsletters
• Promotional posters
• Product packaging
• Staff training

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