Health Care E-Brochures

Electronic health care brochures provide healthcare facilities and medical practices a way to innovatively promote their services in a dynamic, paper-free format. E-brochures are an incredibly cost- effective manner of efficiently reaching a virtually limitless range of patients and prospective patients via distribution on the Web and by e-mail.

At The HealthCare Marketing Group, we specialize in crafting eye-catching, informative, electronic medical-practice brochures using state-of-the-art compression algorithms for high- speed downloading and viewing via computer, tablet PCs, smart phones, and other mobile devices. Unlike PDF, Word, or PowerPoint files, our health care e-brochures use advanced page-flipping technology to replicate the comfortable and familiar ambiance of print publications and ensure maximum reader engagement with the contents.

Used as a component of an umbrella marketing strategy including both traditional andnew media, electronic brochures can be of tremendous value in reaching Information Age consumers who have opted out of reading words on paper or find onscreen content more credible than printed content.

Over the years, The HealthCare Marketing Group team has helped doctors and dentists from coast to coast raise their practices’ profiles by creating awareness programs encompassing all forms of traditional and online medical marketingWeb development, and localized advertising solutions.