How to Tell if Your DIY Marketing is Failing

Running a healthcare practice means your plate is pretty full as it is. Still, you might think taking charge your marketing plan is a good idea. After all, if you’re in total control, there’s no chance your messaging could run off the tracks or your plans could fail, right? Unfortunately, many DIY marketing plans do fail. Here’s how to tell if yours could use some help:How-to-Tell-if-Your-DIY-Marketing-is-Failing

Going In Blind

That is, you think you have your brand identity down so you don’t bother to do any research. You don’t know how to make a marketing plan but you forge ahead anyway. This is a huge mistake. Effective DIY marketing begins with a good, well thought out plan.

Unrealistic Goals

Another problem with DIY marketing for healthcare practices is to set goals that aren’t based in reality. This plays into the whole not doing research thing as we mentioned above, but it also has to do with not understanding how marketing works. All good marketing plans require some level of patience if you want to see them realized.

Failing to Get the Word Out

The whole point of marketing is generating buzz about your products or services. However, if no one is talking about what you have to offer, it’s all awash. DIY marketing needs to include strategies for catching people’s attention in traditional media, through social media, and through search engines.

These are just a few ways a DIY marketing plan can fail. If you found yourself noting some of the above qualities in your marketing plan, get in touch with The HealthCare Marketing Group today at or 1-800-258-0702. Our specialty is healthcare marketing so you know you will be in good hands.

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