Dental Marketing on the Web

The Internet is undoubtedly one of the most powerful marketing medium that is around. We, at The HealthCare Marketing Group, have been doing dental marketing on the web for many years and have grasped the tricks of wielding the medium to yield explosive results. Needless to say, the explosions are in the footfall to your office and on your revenue graph. Dental marketing on the web entails the execution of a number of closely coordinated strategies. The following are some strategies to carry out dental marketing on the web that you simply cannot ignore:

• Start with a web site that manages to hook your target audience. This is the very first step of embarking on dental marketing on the web. And this is not just about creating a web site that brings on the wows, but also designing it such that your target audience finds it easy to navigate and is packed with helpful content and peppered with video and audio testimonials to convince them to pay you a visit.

• Concentrate on optimizing the web site.  Now that you have a store front (well, of sorts), it is time to attract your target audience. And to draw the attention of your potential patients to your web site, you will need to optimize it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques will ensure that your web site is catapulted up the search engine result pages for all the key words and phrases that matter to the fortunes of your practice. And because people first search for medical services and facilities in their neighborhood or the region they live in, we believe that localized SEO should also be a part of your online dental marketing efforts.

• Do not give Search Engine Marketing (SEM) the miss either. While going about dental marketing on the web, employing tried-and-tested SEM techniques like Pay-Per-Click advertising definitely bring in positive results and that too, within a short time.

• Ignore the social media, but only at your own peril. Dental marketing on the web is far from over unless you harness the power of social media. An effective online marketing strategy also includes plans for a comprehensive social media campaign that lets you interact with your existing and potential target audience on the various networking sites and build up lasting relations with them.

So, now that you know what dental marketing on the web entails, call us at 800.258.0702 for a free consultation.

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