Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

Blame it on the images projected by the media or attribute it to an aging population, looking good has never been off the priority list of many, even during recession. In fact, in the past few years, the demand for cosmetic surgery products has annually risen by close to 10%. Even in these booming times, if your practice is not faring well, then something else is to be blamed, not a fickle economy or cut-throat competition. It is time you took a closer look at your cosmetic surgery marketing efforts and evaluate how your principal marketing tool—your website—is faring. Your website should be spearheading yourcosmetic surgery marketing efforts and acting as the common thread tying up your promotional campaigns both on the traditional and the new media outlets. Is it?

While evaluating if your website is aiding your cosmetic surgery marketing efforts, keep in mind these parameters:

• Does your site make the right first impression? Research on browser behavior has shown that an individual prowling the web takes exactly four seconds to scan a web page and decide if he is going to explore the site or leave the page. So it is imperative that you pack in a punch—with informative and relevant content, compelling statistics and images that carry evidence of your accomplishments and claims, and of course, an attractive visual layout— in the home page to engage the visitor, lure him to delve deeper into the realms of your site, and thus ensure that all the cosmetic surgery marketingefforts that have gone into creating the website are not wasted.

• Does your site take too long to load? The average Internet browser is generally an impatient individual. While hunting for information, he doesn’t appreciate being made to wait, especially by slow-loading web pages. So to make your website complement your cosmetic surgery marketing efforts, ensure that the flash introduction is not only attractive and spells out all the right information, but also loads quickly.

• Is your site difficult to navigate? Make life for your target audience easy. Dish out the details about your services and all that is good about you rather than make him hunt for the information. We, at theHealthCare Marketing Group have been in the field of cosmetic surgery marketing long enough to realize that cosmetic changes to a website alone cannot keep a visitor for long. If a few clicks do not yield the information he is seeking, he will quickly move to your competitor’s site.

Now that you know what makes a website, consider sprucing yours up to give your cosmetic surgery marketing efforts the edge it needs. Call us, the health care marketing experts, for some winning ideas, at 800-258-0702.