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“It is indispensable that physicians begin to implement an effective digital marketing strategy to their medical practice because quality marketing for a medical practice is indeed as significant as quality healthcare to a patient.”

Catherine Erikson, CMO, HealthCare Marketing Group. 

"I want to thank your team for stepping up and saving our marketing campaign. After using the same agency for 10 years, and having them go out of business with no notice, while taking our campaign with them, I was in a total panic of what to do.

You have made the whole process go from overwhelming to understandable. Without your help, there would never be enough hours in my day to PROMOTE my business and actually DO my business. Thank you for helping me DO my business while you take care of the rest."

-Victoria Bailey, CCT, Owner, Breast Thermography of Middle TN

"HealthCare Marketing Group is a company that works on a very personal level. They are accessible and have made themselves available to talk even during off hours. Because of monthly set amounts, I never have to guess how much my marketing is going to cost, am never hit with unexpected fees, and get far more value than if I went elsewhere.

HealthCare Marketing Group develops unique strategies for each client according to their need, and their marketing, and don't 'over-sell' services. I was amazed when their efforts put my website on Google home page within one day!"

-Hitesh Patel, M.D., Patel Eye Associates, Edison, NJ

"The marketing campaign you designed for me was not only beautiful, but highly effective. Over the last year and a half, the two new revenue streams you created for my practice have increased my revenue by at least 40 percent. I'm extremely happy with my results and my marketing team."

-Nolan Shipman, M.D.

"Plastic Surgery is a highly competitive market. I knew I needed to find the right marketing partner that would help me achieve my practice goals. Once I started working with Healthcare Marketing Group, I knew that I had found the right medical marketing firm. They reinvented my brand, fine-tuned my current marketing strategies and enhanced my practice revenue within just a few months. This all resulted in increased patient traffic, and fewer expenditures. I highly recommend them."

-Nelson Gauto, M.D.

"The majority of my practice was focused on traditional ENT. I wanted to work less while generating more income. HealthCare Marketing Group helped me change my practice from being 80% ENT to 80% Cosmetic within the first year of running my new campaign. I now spend more time treating the types of cases that I find most challenging."

-Glenn Weissman, M.D.

"HealthCare Marketing Group's Internet marketing skills are outstanding. It helps that they have advanced knowledge of every aspect of a practice. There is always a duel purpose of making a practice run more effectively as well as marketable. It is an effective, solutions based approach that makes it very successful."

-Meka Williams, Administrator, Bruce McLucas, M.D., Director of Fibroid Treatment Collective (TFC)

"As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in the competitive market of Richmond, Virginia, we understand that creating a marketing strategy is an essential component of a successful practice. Our busy practice is devoted to patient care around the clock. We found initiation a complex marketing strategy too overwhelming for our staff to handle.

Fortunately, we found a HealthCare Marketing Group through a colleague and they have turned our practice around. Their Marketing Consultants have developed a comprehensive marketing system for us which has yielded high dividends many times over. Their boutique style service is personable, available, and charming. Their creative strategists have developed a first class marketing campaign for our practice which gives our patients a clear view of the style and function of our practice. We are thrilled with their first-class work."

-Neil J. Zemmel, M.D., Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, Midlothian, VA

"Now that I have completed my first major phase of my marketing campaign, I wanted to thank HealthCare Marketing Group for a job well done. When I first saw the work you provided for a plastic surgeon friend of mine, I was impressed and asked him for his marketing company's name. From first contact, I was impressed with the consultant's attention to detail, immediate responses to all of my questions, and approachability.

At first, I was concerned about funding a crafty marketing campaign, but once I started seeing the patients come in from the marketing campaign, I was completely impressed. After many in-depth interviews, HCMG was able to provide me with outstanding ideas, strategies, and tactics after some fine-tuning emerged into a first rate marketing campaign. Thank you for all your help."

-Doug Mahler, D.M.D., Fairlawn Dental Association, Fair Lawn, NJ

"HealthCare Marketing Group is the answer to business success. Their Internet strategies and marketing materials are outstanding. Referring doctors regularly compliment me on their professional feel and effectiveness.

I was so impressed with their practice representative hiring and training and the ongoing support is invaluable. My Marketing Consultant is always available and I can't wait long for her to call me back."

-Lilah Brand, P.T., BodyOwners, Apopka, FL

"It has been wonderful working with HealthCare Marketing Group. They helped us reshape our webpage and created a very profitable PPC campaign for us. They also took over our SEO.

Since we started working with HealthCare Marketing Group, our PPC and SEO numbers have improved dramatically, but most importantly we started seeing patients that found our website and wanted our help. I am very glad we found you guys."

-Ana Vinikov, Practice Manager, Global Pain & Spine Clinic

"When purchasing a service, it is always hard to know if you are getting a good return on your investment. With HealthCare Marketing Group, the results are undeniable. Not only is the service priced competitively, the offerings are comprehensive. Everything I needed was in one place.

With HealthCare Marketing Group, my marketing efforts are cohesive, from our website design, social media management, and online reputation management to my custom marketing materials. They truly are client focused and their Public Relations is amazing. It generated explosive visibility, getting me on both local and national television. You will not find better service or better quality marketing anywhere else."

-Jen Jose, M.D., Ultimate Solutions Med Spa, Darien, CT

"The team at HealthCare Marketing Group are geniuses! We had an existing website but it wasn't producing the results we expected. Our new website, combined with the Internet marketing efforts they have employed for our practice, our business at least 35-40% increase since it went live.

I would recommend HealthCare Marketing Group's team without reservation. You will not be disappointed if you put your online medical marketing in their very capable hands."

-Teresa Randolph, Practice Relations Director, New York Fertility Services, P.C.