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Four Ways to Use Social Media for Reputation Management for Hospitals

Did You Know: 41% of people said social media would affect their choice of a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility? Reputation is everything. In this day of the 24-hour news cycle and the unconstrained proliferation of social media, it is vitally important for organizations to both manage and optimize their online presence. Consumers have…

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Five Things Doctors Do to Drive Away Patients and Kill Their Practice

Many people have a kind of aversion to going to the doctor. It is a legitimate condition, colloquially recognized as White Coat Syndrome, and causes anxiety, spikes in blood pressure and general uneasiness. The current environment in the medical provider market is extremely competitive, so individual doctor’s offices must focus on providing both superior medical…

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Video Medical Marketing for Professionals

Medical Marketing

Medical marketing should never rely on flashy images and empty content to bring patients through your doors; modern audiences require meaningful information that appeals to their needs, generates conversations, and gives them a reason to consider your practice over others. One of the best ways to do this is through video content. While this may…

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Medical Apps: The Future of iPhone and Medical Technology

medical apps

Imagine a future where doctors can pull out an iPad, click into a medical app, and show patients the intricacies of their most recent CT scans — just a few short minutes after the results become available. In many respects, that future is now. Iphone and medical technologies have merged in an important way over…

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Medical SEO: Why Site Speed Matters

medical SEO

When it comes to medical SEO, site speed can be the subtle difference between a positive user experience and a negative one. After all, how many times have you exited out of a website solely because it took too long to load? And, on that note, how much would you hate it if that same…

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Medical Practice Marketing: How to Push Original Content Online

medical practice marketing

Picture the following: You’ve decided to follow our medical practice marketing advice and become more active online. You’ve set up a blog, started several social media accounts (even a Pinterest!), and now you’re ready to start publishing quality, original content to bring new patients through your doors. You sit down to write — and nothing…

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Medical Marketing and Media for 2015: Trends and Best Practices

medical marketing and media

The New Year is on the horizon, which means medical marketing and media is due for an upgrade. With new legislation and changing trends in technologies, healthcare marketing research is more important now than ever — and if you want your practice to be on top of it all, it’s time to start planning. Read…

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Medical Marketing Case Study: Facebook

Medical Marketing Facebook

Whether you’re taking your medical marketing plans to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, one of the foundations of a successful social media presence is this: personality. What this means for medical practices is that your posts, updates, tweets, and comments on the Internet should reflect what you want patients to feel when they walk through your…

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Medical Social Media: Using it to Your Advantage

medical social media

The Mayo Clinic is a prime example of medical social media done really, really well. Their Youtube channel is regularly updated with informative and entertaining videos; their Facebook pages are packed with upcoming events, research, and healthy living tips; their different social media pages are clearly linked. And the numbers are in their favor; according…

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Medical Practice Marketing Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Image

medical practice marketing

When it comes to medical practice marketing, your brand is the first thing people think about when they hear your practice’s name. What do you want people to remember — a clean, clear logo that represents the identity of your healthcare services, or nothing at all? In most areas, prospective patients have a great amount…

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