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Senior Digital Marketing

It’s a question that comes up often in the senior living industry: How do I run a successful senior digital marketing campaign? The answer is much simpler than it seems.

Online and In The Market

First of all, let’s dispel the thought that seniors aren’t active in the online community. That is inherently false. Seniors are very active online, in social media, and mobile platforms. In fact, 42% of Americans 65+ own a smart phone.* Just because the learning curve for technology was a bit higher for their generation, doesn’t mean they haven’t conquered it in droves.

Get Your Demographics Right

A common mistake that digital marketers make is dumping seniors into one demographic. Remember they are just as diverse as any other segment. An argument for the generalization maybe that ad platforms force that one size fits all mentality. There is some validity to that. However, even if the selection is only 65+ in the targeting tools, as experts, we know better. Tailor your message to the right audience. The Silent Generation and The Baby Boomers see the world in very different ways. Senior women and men will have different mindsets. Cater to the audience you need to reach.

Do Your Research

It is easy to fall back into old ways of thinking, and rely on what we believe will work. Smart marketing is about figuring out what does work. Take the time to research your senior segment, where they are, and how they like to interact. Did you know that almost 45% of seniors over 80 have internet access? Don’t make assumptions based on how you perceive the older generation. They are more vibrant and diverse than many of us assume.  Do your homework before pandering to them with colloquial and uncreative messaging.

In the end, build your digital marketing campaign to seniors like you would any other online demographic. Whether it is successful or not will be up to how well you use the tools you already have.

*Pew Research Center, 2017