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Medical PPC Advertising Mistakes

You finally got your ad up! A plethora of patients is surely just around the corner! Not so fast. Make sure you are not making these common medical PPC advertising mistakes.

Being Impatient

We are definitely an instant gratification society. Many practices assume since they almost instantly see clicks, conversions will be soon to follow. However, depending on your specialty or the target demographic that may not be the case. It is realistic to expect specialties like OBGYN or pain specialists to see a lot of non-converting clicks. Patients tend to research, and a practice’s ad, while interesting to the patient, may not lead to a call or appointment scheduling because of timing. Practices need to keep the lead time involved with healthcare in mind and refrain from pulling the ads too soon.

Not Being Realistic About the Budget

As healthcare moves away from the expensive print ad and traditional media models, it can be tempting to lower advertising budgets significantly. While online marketing is appealing because it can be more cost efficient and the ability to calculate ROI is much better, it doesn’t mean that the budget should change drastically. More and more advertisers are moving into the online market place, increasing PPC rates even in small markets. Make sure your bids are high enough to be making an impact, and overall budgets are set with long-term goals in mind.

The Ad Doesn’t Match the Content

Nothing kills conversion like a misleading ad. Potential patients are expecting to see the words and promises of the ad replicated in the following content. Not using tailored landing pages, or placing ads that do not match website content can decimate conversion rates. Make sure that you have a strong path to conversion. Your ad should match the linked content and there should be a clear call to action for the user to follow. Without a path to engagement, users will feel deceived and exit the site.

Avoid Medical PPC Advertising Mistakes

Medical PPC advertising can be an amazing way to grow practice! Just makes sure you have the patience, budget, and content to convert potential patients.

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