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High Turnover Is Hurting Your Marketing Efforts

High turnover is a costly, and unwelcome part of practice management. However, it may not be obvious how turnover can affect the way patients perceive and utilize the practice. Take a closer look, and see how a steady stream of new employees could be hurting your marketing efforts.

Patient Perception

Branding your practice as the friendly place, where everyone knows your patient’s name? But have a new receptionist and nurse every time patients attend an appointment? That’s a great way to undermine your reputation.  If your nurses and office staff are continually changing, patients will have a hard time connecting with the practice. People like people, not places. High turnover can damage a patient’s ability to connect and feel loyalty toward a provider.  Keeping staff in place helps relationships develop naturally, and grows a true connection between your practice and your patients.

Customer Service

We all know how important great customer service is to marketing efforts. Not only is turnover expensive, it sets a reboot on scripting and customer service training. Healthcare is a fast-paced job and it takes a great talent to perform these high-stakes duties with a smile on. When learning a job, and trying to get a hang of tasks, it is especially hard to keep customer service at the top of the list. New employees can inadvertently tank your conversion rates by being slow, or unknowledgeable, or worse, stressed out and unfriendly.  Keep turnover to a minimum and make customer service training a priority to convert potential patients.

Pricing and Promotions

It’s hard to sell $50 sports physicals if the new receptionist isn’t sure “if that is a thing.” New employees have a lot of new and technical information coming at them quickly. Forgetting pieces of information is inevitable, and mistakes will be made. Quoting a procedure wrong by using the wrong code, or forgetting about seasonal specials can cost your practice potential patients. It is important to have consistent, knowledgeable staff ready to answer questions correctly.

If a practice has high turnover, there is obviously an abundant amount of issues to solve. However, if your marketing efforts continuously flop, take a look internally to see if your frequently refreshing staff is hindering the campaigns.

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