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Physician Marketing

Women in Healthcare – Five Social Medias Every Doctor Should Practice

According to the most recent census report, “since 1970, women have grown from 9.7 percent of physicians to 32.4 percent.” Female Doctors Practice Social Media Every year, more women are successfully navigating the medical field to carve out exciting practices in all fields of medicine.  Although women own the demographic in many social media, a…

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Medical Marketing: Facetime Counts

As a doctor, you work with patients every day. To suggest that you don’t would be silly; most doctors aren’t giving out diagnoses or performing surgical procedures via the Internet. When it comes to your medical marketing strategy, however, you may very well be keeping up with the times by relying on your Internet presence.…

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Succeed With Social Media: Part Two

social media

Last week, we talked a bit about social media marketing in your medical practice, particularly when it comes to Facebook and Twitter, two very popular social media sites. You can click here to read the first part of this guide. Two more popular and important social networking sites are LinkedIn and Pinterest. You might think…

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