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Mobile Medical Website

Medical Mobile Marketing: Tips for Success

If you are rebranding your medical practice or just looking for ways to step up your game when it comes to your marketing strategy, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about mobile marketing. For those who are unsure what mobile marketing refers to, it’s the way that you market your practice to those using a mobile…

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Will Google’s New Update Affect Your Medical Website?

Google medical websites

As of May 2015, Google will employ a new algorithm that will favor searches from a smartphone. How does this affect your practice? If your current website is not responsive—resizes to fit the technology being used to access the Internet—Google will not rank your site as highly, meaning your practice runs the risk of not…

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How Having a Mobile-Friendly Website Affects Your Business

Mobile-Friendly Website

When a consumer, AKA potential new patient, is looking for a physician, they are quite likely to do an online search. And what’s almost always within reach—their smartphone. It’s estimated that over three billion searches are conducted on Google each day, and almost half of these searches are done with mobile devices. Why is this…

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Local Mobile Marketing for Healthcare Branding

local mobile marketing

Local mobile marketing quickly becomes a necessity once you consider the fact that people look at their mobile devise 150 times per day on average. Surprised? This number is significant because it bolsters today’s rising mobile trend; smartphone usage can only continue to increase, and healthcare branding needs to stick with the program. What does…

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