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HealthCare Marketing

2018 Healthcare Marketing Strategies: Personalize & Engage

2018 healthcare marketing strategies

Yes, it’s June. And yes, it’s time to talk about 2018 healthcare marketing strategies. Don’t cram the strategic planning for 2018 into three days before the deadline. Take the time to assess what is working, look to the future, and finally give next year’s marketing plan the attention it deserves. Personalized Content Convert more potential…

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Healthcare Content Marketing: 5 Tips for Content that Ranks

healthcare content marketing

The future of healthcare is here and it is digital – meaning that healthcare content marketing is a critical part of any marketing equation for a medical business. In fact, the vast majority of patients and clients expect their healthcare provider to, at the very least, have a strong online presence that affects not only…

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Five Things Doctors Do to Drive Away Patients and Kill Their Practice

Many people have a kind of aversion to going to the doctor. It is a legitimate condition, colloquially recognized as White Coat Syndrome, and causes anxiety, spikes in blood pressure and general uneasiness. The current environment in the medical provider market is extremely competitive, so individual doctor’s offices must focus on providing both superior medical…

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Women in Healthcare – Five Social Medias Every Doctor Should Practice

According to the most recent census report, “since 1970, women have grown from 9.7 percent of physicians to 32.4 percent.” Female Doctors Practice Social Media Every year, more women are successfully navigating the medical field to carve out exciting practices in all fields of medicine.  Although women own the demographic in many social media, a…

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Neuromarketing: How to Get the Innate Responses You Want

As a physician, you are used to evaluating all of the nuances of various test results as a way to understand what is happening in your patient’s body. When it comes to marketing, some companies are doing the same thing, with the end goal being to understand what is happening in the target audience’s minds.…

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