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Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes in the World of Healthcare Marketing

When it comes to healthcare marketing, nothing stays the same for long. Because technology is constantly changing, medical marketers have to be vigilant of the trends that impact their strategies. Here are a few changes happening right now that will likely affect your overall marketing plan over the coming weeks, months and year. Healthcare Marketing…

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Consumer-Driven Healthcare Marketing: Have You Met Your Match?

As a doctor, surgeon or specialist, you’re excellent at what you do. When it comes to healthcare marketing in the 21st century, however, being great is not necessarily enough. In days past, patients were generally looking for a good doctor. They wanted someone who would listen to them and, most importantly, make them better. Today’s…

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Healthcare Technology: Virtual Office Visits (Telemedicine) for Routine Care

healthcare technology telemedicine

Rapid evolutions in healthcare technology impact our daily lives in many ways, including how we seek out and receive medical care. The recent surge in virtual medical office “visits,” via Internet and phone, is a transformation in the way routine healthcare is provided. It gives patients access to less expensive, round-the-clock care for minor conditions,…

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