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Medical Marketing: Facetime Counts

As a doctor, you work with patients every day. To suggest that you don’t would be silly; most doctors aren’t giving out diagnoses or performing surgical procedures via the Internet. When it comes to your medical marketing strategy, however, you may very well be keeping up with the times by relying on your Internet presence.…

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Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes in the World of Healthcare Marketing

When it comes to healthcare marketing, nothing stays the same for long. Because technology is constantly changing, medical marketers have to be vigilant of the trends that impact their strategies. Here are a few changes happening right now that will likely affect your overall marketing plan over the coming weeks, months and year. Healthcare Marketing…

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Consumer-Driven Healthcare Marketing: Have You Met Your Match?

As a doctor, surgeon or specialist, you’re excellent at what you do. When it comes to healthcare marketing in the 21st century, however, being great is not necessarily enough. In days past, patients were generally looking for a good doctor. They wanted someone who would listen to them and, most importantly, make them better. Today’s…

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Succeed With Social Media: Part Three

We’ve already gone over some of the giants when it comes to social media marketing. You know the difference between microblogging on Twitter and posting on Facebook, and how to best use Pinterest and LinkedIn. Now, in the final part of our series on succeeding with social media, we’re going to go over sites to…

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Your Medical Marketing Strategy: Should You Go Local or National?

For most healthcare providers, concentrating on attracting patients from the local area seems to make the most sense. If you provide a service that many other doctors in your area and in surrounding areas also provide, your goal should be to appeal to patients who can easily get to your practice. In other cases, however,…

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Succeed With Social Media: Part Two

social media

Last week, we talked a bit about social media marketing in your medical practice, particularly when it comes to Facebook and Twitter, two very popular social media sites. You can click here to read the first part of this guide. Two more popular and important social networking sites are LinkedIn and Pinterest. You might think…

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Medical Mobile Marketing: Tips for Success

If you are rebranding your medical practice or just looking for ways to step up your game when it comes to your marketing strategy, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about mobile marketing. For those who are unsure what mobile marketing refers to, it’s the way that you market your practice to those using a mobile…

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Succeed With Social Media: Part One

One of the most important ways that your medical practice can engage with your patients, colleagues and community is through social media. Social media marketing goes far beyond simply updating your Facebook account once in a while, and your practice’s success can be impacted — positively or negatively — by your social media habits. Over…

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Video: A Powerful Healthcare Marketing Tool

health care video marketing

If you’re debating whether adding video to your marketing strategy is worth the time, expense and effort—here’s some statistics that may sway your decision. Jill Cress, Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Marketing for MasterCard, estimates that “70% of all Internet traffic will be video as of 2017.” Marketing Week reported as early as 2012 that…

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