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The Future of Medical Technology in 2016 and BEYOND

When you think about how far medical technology in general has come in just a few short years, it’s easy to get excited about the future. What we once considered to be science fiction even a decade ago is quickly advancing to “standard operating procedure” in terms of modern healthcare. Disruptive technologies that completely change…

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Five Ways Medical Blogging Brings Patients to Your Practice

medical blogging

To Blog or Not to Blog – There is No Question About Medical Blogging! Every healthcare practice should have a medical blog. Whether it is a means of sharing important medical information with your patients, a way to introduce your medical practice to potential patients, or the place where you can transmit your professional expertise…

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Three Ways Medical Video Marketing is Changing Social Media Reach Online

medical video marketing

Discovering innovative ways to reach an existing audience and bring in new clients to a business can be a challenge. After saturating traditional media strategies like direct mail, radio, and television, healthcare professionals are on the search for new, cost effective media that actually converts such as medical video marketing. Many business professionals note that…

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The Seven Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Medical Marketing Plan

Effective Medical Marketing Plan

The development of a successful marketing plan is a demanding task in all areas of medical marketing from private medical practices to large hospitals. Spending time and money to find the right potential clients and understanding everything about their behavior is the key to getting the best results for a practice. Knowing habitual behaviors like…

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Medical Tourism Marketing – Three Ways Doctors and Hospitals Can Reach More Patients

Medical tourism is a phenomenon which describes patients who travel to foreign countries to acquire high quality medical services at huge discounts. These days, an effective online marketing strategy has become vital for the medical tourism sector.  Discussions about healthcare treatments and personal health is no longer a private conversation. More patients are sharing information…

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Four Ways to Use Social Media for Reputation Management for Hospitals

Did You Know: 41% of people said social media would affect their choice of a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility? Reputation is everything. In this day of the 24-hour news cycle and the unconstrained proliferation of social media, it is vitally important for organizations to both manage and optimize their online presence. Consumers have…

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Five Things Doctors Do to Drive Away Patients and Kill Their Practice

Many people have a kind of aversion to going to the doctor. It is a legitimate condition, colloquially recognized as White Coat Syndrome, and causes anxiety, spikes in blood pressure and general uneasiness. The current environment in the medical provider market is extremely competitive, so individual doctor’s offices must focus on providing both superior medical…

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Women in Healthcare – Five Social Medias Every Doctor Should Practice

According to the most recent census report, “since 1970, women have grown from 9.7 percent of physicians to 32.4 percent.” Female Doctors Practice Social Media Every year, more women are successfully navigating the medical field to carve out exciting practices in all fields of medicine.  Although women own the demographic in many social media, a…

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