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Patient Engagement in Your Healthcare Practice

Patient Engagement

There are many phrases in healthcare that have imprecise meanings. Patient engagement may be at the top of that list. Patient engagement as it relates to marketing often means this: engaging patients outside the normal practice/provider pathways to gain patients’ loyalty and give them a vested interest in practice’s success. Patients who become an engaged…

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High Turnover Is Hurting Your Marketing Efforts

Turnover Marketing

High turnover is a costly, and unwelcome part of practice management. However, it may not be obvious how turnover can affect the way patients perceive and utilize the practice. Take a closer look, and see how a steady stream of new employees could be hurting your marketing efforts. Patient Perception Branding your practice as the…

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Medical PPC Advertising Mistakes

You finally got your ad up! A plethora of patients is surely just around the corner! Not so fast. Make sure you are not making these common medical PPC advertising mistakes. Being Impatient We are definitely an instant gratification society. Many practices assume since they almost instantly see clicks, conversions will be soon to follow.…

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Senior Digital Marketing

senior digital marketing

It’s a question that comes up often in the senior living industry: How do I run a successful senior digital marketing campaign? The answer is much simpler than it seems. Online and In The Market First of all, let’s dispel the thought that seniors aren’t active in the online community. That is inherently false. Seniors…

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Haphazard Healthcare Social Media

healthcare social media mistakes

Making the mistake of “dabbling” in healthcare social media can cost practices a lot in marketing potential and reputation management. In this new social world, establishing assets is not enough. Healthcare practices need to actively manage and engage on social media to truly reap the benefits. Failing to post regularly, place ads, or leaving rating…

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Senior Living Marketing: Not About Safety, Then What?

Senior Living Marketing

Recently, an article about improving senior care through technology showcased some of the most exciting products entering the market. Safe appliances, fall preventatives, health monitoring, and even smart toilets will be instrumental in improving daily life for many seniors. These tools will make houses safer, and extend the time loved ones can stay in their own…

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2018 Healthcare Marketing Strategies: Personalize & Engage

2018 healthcare marketing strategies

Yes, it’s June. And yes, it’s time to talk about 2018 healthcare marketing strategies. Don’t cram the strategic planning for 2018 into three days before the deadline. Take the time to assess what is working, look to the future, and finally give next year’s marketing plan the attention it deserves. Personalized Content Convert more potential…

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Healthcare Content Marketing: 5 Tips for Content that Ranks

healthcare content marketing

The future of healthcare is here and it is digital – meaning that healthcare content marketing is a critical part of any marketing equation for a medical business. In fact, the vast majority of patients and clients expect their healthcare provider to, at the very least, have a strong online presence that affects not only…

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Medical Internet Marketing: Empowering Success Through Technology

When it comes to the medical Internet marketing options that are available to your organization today, there are always a few important things to keep in mind. Remember that you aren’t just trying to connect to the largest possible audience with your marketing techniques – you’re trying to connect to the RIGHT audience. This is…

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